Sunday, March 9, 2008

There's Snow Business..... snow busy-ness!! The aftermath of a wolloping great storm that long over stayed its welcome!

The digging out has begun beneath brilliant blue skies and sparkling mounds of white. Up and down the street, showers of snow are seen from snowblowers and really energetic shovellers...oh to be a kid again and say "yippee" to all this!

We are soon to head out for Michael's birthday party, turning 5 is important not to be missed...hope he doesn't mind that I sing Happy Birthday in a whisper. And I hope we can find parking!

I've been seeing photos from others as well today, and hearing the reports of how this storm has impacted so many

My plan this morning had been to add to Body Perfect, but have so far, been reviewing parts of the story somewhat and of course, now that we are about to leave the house, I feel I could be ready to start!

Perhaps there will be time before bed. What joy it will be to pull myself awake one hour earlier tomorrow, as if 4 a.m. isn't early enough!!



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