Monday, March 10, 2008

"That's the plan"

Today was brilliant sunshine and relatively mild. If it were not for the mountains of ice and snow one has to manouveour I would swear it was Spring!. Now we will have to cope with the big thaw and water everywhere. Montrealers laugh at us poor sods in the Toronto area as we seem to be always moaning about the weather while they get it far worse than we do.

I have been busy tonight with the summaries of "Body Perfect". Liz found out doing Madelaine that it takes forever and I only got to Chapter three . It is time consuming but is one of the things we should have done from the beginning, but once it is done we should be able to keep up after each chapter. It is tempting while you are reading each chapter to edit and revise but will wait until we do the final Edit.

Liz has larynjitus and had a very sexy voice today when I could hear her. What with me not hearing and Liz whispering our editorial meeting was very short . I am sure she will be back on track soon.

Writing tomorrow not just the summaries but a start on Chapter 18 of Maddy. I know I should never say exactly what I am doing but "That's the Plan"

Get well Liz. I miss your one-liners!


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