Monday, March 24, 2008

The miracle of birth.

This is the last day of my 5 days away from work. I have been writing most of the day and I am well pleased with the pages I sent off to Liz. Eight pages of Body perfect. I was on a roll. Hope she feels the same.
Reflecting on my short vacation I just remembered a sight we saw as we were driving home yesterday. We were enroute from Goderich to St Mary's. The sun was brilliant on the icy fields and I was looking left and right as I like to see horses and looking for hawks that were very prevelant that day. And right before our eyes a cow gave birth to a calf. Peter slammed on the brakes and backed the car to where we could see what was happening. The calf was not moving as it lay on its snowy bed and we could see the umbical cord still attached to the mother. The rest of the herd stayed about 40 feet away to give her some privacy. We drove in to the farmyard as Peter thought he should let the farmer know he had some more livestock. He went off to tell the tale as I watched from the car as the mother nudged her offspring to its feet and the legs would buckle at least six or seven times before she managed to have it standing for more that 30 seconds. Eventually she got the calf turned around until the wee one managed to suckle and have its breakfast.
The farmer was not at home , just some very old guard dogs that wagged their tails and went back to sleep in the sun. Maybe he was at church that Easter Sunday and he would come home to "The miracle of birth". But it would be old hat to him but not to us city folk.

More from Madelaine tomorrow.

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