Saturday, March 1, 2008

March has arrived....

March 1

Good afternoon!

Our latest deposit of snow seems to have finally tapered off, the sun is shining and the temperature climbing. Does this mean March has come in like a lamb and will roar out like a lion in 4 weeks? No matter, I'm just always glad to see the end of March, however it decides to leave!

Saturdays always bring conflict - whether to have a lazy day, or try and catch up on all those chores that get bypassed during the work week. So far I think the lazy day is winning. Although I did manage to get caught up on laundry and turf 2 bags of clothing bound for Value Village - so not a total loss.

Pam forwarded me a newsletter from Louise Penny (one of our favourite authors!), which was quite a good read - yes I've now subscribed myself!

Since our writing endeavours began, and we have progressed ever more strongly with our writing, and desire to be published, I fear I have become somewhat shameless in promoting Jamie Tremain! Just this week I was at the dentist for a cleaning, and the hygienist inquired what I had been doing to occupy myself over the winter. Well, give me an open door and I'm walking right through! Even with a mouth crowded with dental implements, I told her about Jamie Tremain, and she genuinely seemed quite excited and interested. Thanks, Karen!

And today, I've gone a step further - leaving a comment on Louise Penny's own blog, congratulating her on her success and telling her how much I enjoy her books, but also plugging Jamie Tremain!

I've never considered myself a sales person - believing that you can only truly sell that which you believe in. The realization is slowly dawning - I do believe in Jamie Tremain!!

I hope Pam is enjoying a productive day, she has some research to do on poisons (shhhhh...don't tell anyone!).

And as Pam noted in her last comment, we sincerely do appreciate any comments, and are grateful for a loyal group of friends and family who critique our work on an ongoing basis and offer encouragement when it is much needed!

Come back again won't you?


Caroline said...

Hi girls, ch 16? I'm missing something, I'm sure I only have up to 15. I'm all caught up with both stories and looking forward to the next installment(s).

Liz said...

Hi Caroline,

No you haven't missed anything...Chapter 15 was the last sent, I believe...we may have more to send later this week!