Sunday, March 30, 2008

Distractions and commitments!

This was an especially horrendous week at work for both Liz and I. When you take a vacation you have to pay for having a good time. Thats my excuse for not writing much this week but I did read quite a few chapters to familiarize myself again with the storyline.

Yesterday I sat down to write but I was distracted by too many things that needed doing. Housework is always there but every so often I get a mad urge to purge and yesterday was it. It may not happen again for a few more years so.. Then phone calls and grandchilren and some regular maintenance at my local beauty salon was in order. Since now having the freedom of white hair it slipped my mind about the eyebrows and needed to get a touch up before I faded away.

Today is a glorious sunny day and the snow is finally melting. We now need a good rain to clean it all up. I sat down this morning with Madelaine and was crying as she was giving a eulogy. Not telling you who it was for. Buy the book!!.

Off to have dinner at my son's home in Don Mills and a visit with my grandson Aidan. He is waiting on his Easter Egg.

Talk tomorrow.


So now I am waiting for Liz to get back with her part of Body and Madelaine. I will have to content myself with working on the summaries as I am behind.

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