Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday afternoon

Well the plan to spend today writing has at least seen the completion of my turn at "Body Perfect". I managed to turn out about 1200 words today, and have started to tie up some loose ends as the story begins to come to an end (or not!)

Pam now has both stories in her capable hands and I'll be waiting to see what happens with our characters next.

My few days vacation from work are rapidly drawing to a close as well - at least we have our new stat holiday on Monday - "Family Day" to make for a long weekend. Something very welcome in the dead of winter!

Here's how the latest instalment of Body Perfect ended, and where Pam will need to pick it up.

Dorothy’s cell phone rang as they were leaving Maxwell’s, it was Jim Addison, “It appears he’s given us the slip all right! We found an abandoned vehicle registered to Healing Dragon, at a small airport outside of Portland. They tell us a helicopter took off a couple of hours ago, flight plan indicated Seattle, but they’ve never arrived.” ………

And so now the plan for tomorrow is to try and tackle a big chore - cleaning out my closet....very scary proposition - that means being willing to part with clothing that has been around far too long! Why is it so hard to get rid of 'stuf' we no longer need????


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